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About Linda

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Linda was Born in the countryside of France, she has been influenced by the backyard full of flowers of her grandmother from Portugal. She studied horticulture to know all about plants and flowers and accomplished a master’s degree in floral design, horticulture and commercialization of plants and flowers.

She had the opportunity to move to the west of Canada to see the mountain and vast scenery,

Thirsty for knowledge she learned landscaping design and mix flower design at the same time.

Linda Rambaud is passionate about nature and art. She has found the perfect combination of her two loves by becoming a Master floral designer, freelancer and teacher.

Linda created Lindara design a floral creative solution company and offers her services in the Victoria, BC, Canada area as well as in the western part of Canada for freelance, floral design workshops, floral design classes, original floral jewelry and floral designs.

Linda has also gained recognized accreditations as AIFD (American Institute of floral design), CFD (Certified floral designer) as well as completed Step one of her CAFA (Canadian Academy of floral Art)

and participated to numerous competitions and was part of the volunteer team at the floral design world cup in 2020 and 2023. She also has participated in the Maple Leaf Floral design competition 3 times and the Pacific Northwest competition 2 times.

In 2024 Linda will be representing Canada at a Prestigious international Floral design competition in Panama.
Linda's commitment to Floral design art Worldwide since she was 15th has never stopped.

'Linda believes Floral design is the perfect space to express your emotions to others.

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